Thursday, May 17, 2007

Popularity Always Wins

In high school, there were a variety of sports and activities to choose from. Almost every school has its football team, along with baseball, soccer, basketball, you name it. There are too many to choose from, but what I have noticed was that many of our school sports were always talked about. This was because of the people who were on it, the “popular” people of our school. What I’m trying to say is that no matter the sport these people were on, the sport became one of the schools main sports.

That was the complete opposite from my team. We were the least talked about at our school, in my opinion. I don’t care because I loved everything about it, I made my life friends because of it, even though I have been off the team for a year and a half. I also got a best friend out of it, Alexa to the left of the picture. Now back on topic, when we were talked about, all they had to say were negative things. This was from the people who were not involved, so I feel that don’t really have an opinion towards us. The thing that would always get me was how people said that what we did was easy. I’m not going to compare difficulty to other sports, but easy was not in our vocabulary.

What people need to realize is that all sports are difficult, not easy, maybe in some ways but overall. Dealing with anything, not just sports to. Now just because your friends are in a certain sport doesn’t mean that all others are worthless, this is what the people in my school didn’t realize.


Nadine said...

I know what you mean what you talk about people talking about how their sport was better or that they worked harder and that if they wanted something easy they would have joined the swim team. I think that every sport is difficult to some degree or what would be the fun in participating if it was all easy and boring? There are just people out there that will say things like that to make themselves feel better. What sport did u play? I didnt catch that in the reading

Derek John Boczkowski said...


Overall this was fine, but the last paragraph was kind of rough. Besides some awkward constructions early in the paragraph, there was a comma splice in the last sentence. (There was at least one other comma splice in the post--can you find it?)


tatiana crewgirl said...

I agree on every account. Crew is a hard sport,but people who do other sports think it is easy. Many sports are thought out to be easy, but if they were why would you do them? Well, Westerville Crew is the best, even a year and a half later.