Wednesday, May 23, 2007

An Interview With David

What inspired you to write about crew?

If I had one thing to say about crew, then that would be crew was my beginning. Crew was responsible for making me break out of my shell; it made me into a better individual. I feel that if you make yourself a part of something then you will go to better things. So I wrote this blog for people like me, before crew. I want to show people how something little can make a great impact in someone’s life.

I also want to show people who are or were involved in an activity, that they were probably changed as well. It may not be as much as my experience, but regardless, a change is a change. People may not realize this, they may not notice the true friends they have, how their personality has changed, how they may have changed physically. I noticed and I wanted others to see as well.

I think that everyone should be involved in something, no matter what it is, that’s up to them. It can be a sport, activity, or a hobby, anything that makes you happy. As I write this blog I can see how I have changed, also it brings me back to those good old days. In the long run I want this blog to be for me and for others.

What has been the reaction from people reading you blog?

This blog is available for anyone to look at, but it is mainly subjected the members of my afternoon English class. Though just a small amount of people have been reading my blog, I have been getting good feedback. I tend to get comments from people mentioning an activity they remember doing. Its great to read about people who have been in the same position as me, how something helped them along. The class will be over soon, but I hope that my blog will get discovered by others. I will check and continue to post periodically, maybe over a different topic, I’m not sure yet.


adesulu said...

It’s nice to get involved. When you can get into something that sticks with you to the point you talk about it a whole quarter in college it’s worth it. It is hard to find real people. Where I’m from some people is real but for the most part they low down rats. Its hard living and I understand that, but people do change for the worst. For things to getting money, to being more popular they do what they can to get ahead. So when you find real people who don’t go through dramatic changes it’s definitely a good thing. When you can get into something that can make you a better person, and that is fun it’s a plus. Well good job and good luck in whatever you do.

Derek John Boczkowski said...


Nice job. Very thoughtful, showwing us that the blog is about more than just crew--it's about finding one's place.